The Breath of Suspension

The Breath of Suspension
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Fantasy readers of a certain age will recall the untrammeled delight that attended their initial discovery of this field. Years later, if you re still reading fantasy but enjoying it less, you might rediscover that vanished sense of wonder through the fiction of Alexander Jablokov. In these nouvelles and short stories, Jablokov reprises all the pyrotechnical zaniness of the Golden Age, albeit tinctured with the elegance and intelligence that one expects from modern science fiction. With illustrations by J.K. Potter, this first collection by the author of Carve the Sky confirms Jablokov as one of the finest contemporary fantasists: The Breath of Suspension, Living Will, Many Mansions, The Death Artist, At the Cross-Time Jaunters Ball, Above Ancient Seas, Deathbinder, The Ring of Memory, Beneath the Shadow of Her Smile, and A Deeper Sea. Volcanic energy and bountiful invention...the rare short-story collection that can be read with pleasure straight through. --New York Times Book Review Regularly $25.95.