Lord Kelvin's Machine

Lord Kelvin's Machine
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World-renowned scientist-explorer Langdon St. Ives and his faithful manservant Hasbro return again to confront the diabolical hunchback Dr. Ignacio Narbondo in a new adventure involving no less than the salvation of the earth itself. The author s previous St. Ives novel, Homunculus, was honored with the Philip K. Dick Memorial Award, and this latest--and entirely self-contained--narrative is another madcap extravaganza through the peril-fraught byways of Victorian England. From the incursion in the night-shrouded skies of a baleful comet to resuscitation of the dead from an icy Norwegian fjord to travel through space and time in Lord Kelvin s wondrous machine, this is a very special Arkham House book, bringing together the idiosyncratic vision of Jim Blaylock and Jeff Potter s incomparable graphics. Full of intrepid derring-do and nefarious goings-on. --New York Times Brilliantly achieved...nerve-wrenching, deeply moving, and sparked with comic touches. - Locus Regularly $24.95