Lovecraft Remembered

Lovecraft Remembered
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In the years following H.P. Lovecraft s premature death in 1937, many of his friends and admirers were moved to write down their personal impressions of the man. These reminiscences appeared mainly in obscure amateur journals or in such early Arkham House volumes as Marginalia and Something About Cats. Peter Cannon, author of the critical and biographical study of H.P. Lovecraft (1989), has now gathered in one large volume all the major shorter memoirs, as well as a selection of early criticism and some rare contemporary glimpses from the amateur press before Lovecraft made his mark in Weird Tales. Here are such classic tributes as Winfield Townley Scott s His Own Most Fantastic Creation and W. Paul Cook s complete In Memoriam, together with more recent accounts such as Kenneth Sterling s Caverns Measureless to Man and Mara Kirk Hart s fascinating portrait of the Kalem Club as revealed through the letters of her father. Divided into seven sections Neighbors, Amateurs, Kalems, Ladies, Professionals, Fans, Critics, and illustrated throughout with vintage photographs, Lovecraft Remembered brings the master fantasist alive in the words of those who knew him best, from his former wife, Sonia Davis, to his closest friend, Frank Belknap Long. REVIEWS "H.P. Lovecraft died in 1937, but many friends and admirers live on. Don't anticipate the usual Lovecraft or clone collection here, though; this gathers his acquaintances' and friends' memoirs, providing classic tributes, early critical references, and plenty of insight into Lovecraft's personality and works. Essential reading for any avid Lovecraft fan." -- The Bookwatch "Cannon brings together a large of essays, tributes and short collections from rare and obscure sources. Some of them are quite slight, but many are the best records of the man available. "Vincent Starrett called Lovecraft's life 'his own most fantastic creation.' "His family did a lot to create his eccentricity and Lovecraft went the rest of the way to complete it. He was a big fish in the small ponds of amateur journalism and professional horror fiction. "This sustained him in the world where he could be aloft from the genteel poverty of his real life. Friends, neighbors and colleagues recall him for both his genius and his shortcomings. "The account by his ex-wife of their short and unsatisfying marriage is a surprising look at Lovecraft's failed attempt to escape his demons." -- The Denver Post "This is a very collection of short pieces about Lovecraft by his contemporaries and my modern writers...Together they represent one of the most interesting and comprehensive appraisals of Lovecraft ever to appear." -- Science Fiction Chronicle