The Darkling

The Darkling
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In a world convulsed by seasons of terror and by nightmarish phantoms, Maradek abandons the security of his small northern tribal home to search for his father, Afurad. Armed only with a bow and guided by a psychic aptitude for scanning life forms, Maradek is joined by a hermit plainsman and by a strange bestial anomaly who can communicate solely through telepathic subspeech. Directed by primitive divination abilities, Maradek and his colleagues journey southward through death-haunted realms of cosmic alienage until they discover and challenge the unnatural agents who are threatening to consume their world. This epic science-fantasy novel by a Canadian author includes a frontispiece map by Jason Van Hollander and jacket by Raymond Bayless. In terms of literary style, this novel scores high in all regards...the characters are skillfully developed, the action level is maintained at a high level, and the extrapolation of a future barbaric society is believable. Highly recommended. --The Book Report