Dark Detectives: The Supernatural Sleuths

Dark Detectives: The Supernatural Sleuths
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"The stellar collection includes contributions from Neil Gaiman, William Hope Hodgson, Basil Copper, and Clive Barker, as well as a riveting eight﷓part novella created by Kim Newman especially for this volume." -- Publisher's Weekly Stephen Jones is back with a new anthology for F&B Mystery. Dark Detectives gathers together for the first time some of the greatest fictional detectives who have ever confronted the supernatural, including Hodgson's Carnacki and Wellman's John Thunstone. Also included is Kim Newman's new multi﷓part novel Seven Stars in which Dr. Shade and many others challenge the influence of an alien weirdstone before it annihilates mankind. Illustrated by Randy Broecker. Contents: Introduction: The Serial Sleuths--Stephen Jones Seven Stars, Prologue: In Egypt's Land--Kim Newman Our Lady of Death--Peter Tremayne Seven Stars Episode One: The Mummy's Heart--Kim Newman The Horse of the Invisible--William Hope Hodgson Seven Stars Episode Two: The Magician and the Matinee Idol--Kim Newman The Adventure of the Crawling Horror--Basil Copper Seven Stars Episode Three: The Trouble with Barrymore--Kim Newman Rouse Him Not--Manly Wade Wellman De Marigny's Clock--Brian Lumley Seven Stars Episode Four: The Biafran Bank Manager--Kim Newman Someone Is Dead--R. Chetwynd﷓ Hayes Vultures Gather--Brian Mooney Lost Souls--Clive Barker Seven Stars Episode Five: Mimsy--Kim Newman The Man Who Shot The Man Who Shot the Man Who Shot Liberty Valence--Jay Russell Seven Stars Episode Six: The Dog Story--Kim Newman Bay Wolf--Neil Gaiman Seven Stars Episode Seven: The Duel Of Seven Stars--Kim Newman