The Vampire Stories of R. Chetwind-Hayes

The Vampire Stories of R. Chetwind-Hayes
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Editor Stephen Jones collects fifteen blood﷓sucking tales written by Ronald Chetwynd﷓Hayes, a noted British author who died earlier this year, including a new story featuring his psychic detective Frances St. Clare. Brian Lumley provides the introduction, and the editor, Stephen Jones includes an interview with the author. The interior illustrations are by Jim Pitts. Contents: Foreword: Never Had an Idea in His Life!--Brian Lumley My Mother Married A Vampire A Family Welcome Rudolph The Labyrinth The Sad Vampire Amelia Acquiring a Family The Buck Keep the Gaslight Burning Birth Louis Looking for Something to Suck Great﷓Grandad Walks Again The Fundemental Elemental The Werewolf and the Vampire Afterword: Never Beastly to Vampires--Stephen Jones