The Sand Dwellers

The Sand Dwellers
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"The Sand Dwellers is well-written, the plot is engaging and suspenseful, and the characters are believeable and sympathetic. Perhaps the strongest elements in the novel deal with the agonizing moral choices that a number of the characters are forced to make as well with their heroic refusal to surrender their humanity. Those already familiar with the Lovecraft Mythos should find this a worthy addition to the canon. The uninitiated will enjoy The Sand Dwellers as a chilling story in its own right, replete with secret government military installations, malignant alien beings and the threat of nuclear Armageddon." -- James Clar, The Sand Dwellers is the fourth novel by Niswander, whose previous novels include The Charm, The Serpent Slayers, and The Hound Hunters, all part of his ambitious thirteen﷓novel Shaman Cycle. Niswander, who makes his home in Phoenix, Arizona, again uses the Southwest as a backdrop for his new novel. Set in, around, and under the Superstition Mountains, the novel is part detective story, part techno﷓thriller, and part supernatural horror with a decided Lovecraftian flavor. A researcher disappears in the mountains, and the local authorities are quick to drop the case. A determined colleague hires a detective to discover the truth. The truth is a little strange. Mutants, monsters, and military madness commingle in this taut mixture of suspense and supernatural horror. The cover art and interior illustrations are by H. E. Fassl.