The Last Pin

The Last Pin
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"His stories feature a variety of tough PIs, beautiful dames, and deadly thugs. The stories show imagination and, despite their age, surprising freshness." -- Publishers Weekly Howard Wandrei, like many pulp writers, worked in several genres, but the bulk of his later fiction was for the detective pulps. His mysteries were hard﷓boiled, inventive, and filled with a quirky mixture of violence, romance, and mordant humor. Writing under several pseudonyms (including H. W. Guernsey, Robert Coley, and Robert A. Garron) Wandrei wrote for markets as diverse as Esquire, Black Mask, and Spicy Detective. Illustrated by Gary Gianni Contents: Introduction--D.H. Olson Smot Guy Wrong Number I'll Be Murdering You, The Man with the Molten Face League of Bald Men Marked in Indigo Too Good﷓Looking Dressed to Kill Jongkovski's Wife Fur﷓Bearing Animal The Last Pin