Before ... 12:01... and After

Before ... 12:01... and After
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"Richard Lupoff's stories are singularly clever, inventive, well﷓crafted and involving. . . . This collection is pure pleasure from the first page to the last." -- Dean R. Koontz Richard A. Lupoff has assembled twenty﷓three tales of the science fiction, mystery, fantasy, and horror genres from more than four decades of writing. Also included is a foreword by Robert Silverberg, an introduction by Lupoff, and an extensive bibliography of the author's works compiled by David Nee. Illustrated by George Barr. Contents: Forward--Robert Silverberg Introduction--Richard A. Lupoff Mr. Greene and the Monster BOOM! Incident on the 14th Street BMT 12:01 P.M. Venus--Ah, Venus! With the Evening News After the Dreamtime Saltzman's Madness God of the Naked Unicorn Nebogipfel at the End of Time Mort in Bed Stroka Prospekt Two Sort﷓of Adventurers Blinky Henderson Again The Digital Wristwatch of Philip K. Dick Snow Ghosts Triptych The House on Rue Chartres The Doom That Came To Dunwich The Woodstock West Killer Easy Living Dogwalker A Funny Thing... Bibliography--Dave Nee