Shadows over Innsmouth

Shadows over Innsmouth
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"British horror abounds in Shadows Over Innsmouth, a collection of 17 thematically linked stories inspired by American H. P. Lovecraft's beloved tale `The Shadow over Innsmouth.'" -- Publisher's Weekly This Cthulhu Mythos anthology was nominated for two World Fantasy Awards. Contributors include Ramsey Campbell, Brian Lumley, Neil Gaiman, Kim Newman, and Basil Copper, among other masters of British horror. The seventeen stories range from traditional supernatural horror to science fiction and humor. The collection is illustrated by David Carson, Martin McKenna, and Jim Pitts. Contents: Introduction--Stephen Jones The Shadow over Innsmouth--H.P. Lovecraft Beyond the Reef--Basil Copper The Big Fish--Jack Yeovil Return to Innsmouth--Guy N. Smith The Crossing--Adrian Cole Down to the Boots--D.F. Lewis The Church in High Street--Ramsey Campbell Innsmouth Gold--David Sutton Daoine Domhain--Peter Tremayne A Quarter to Three--Kim Newman The Tomb of Priscus--Brian Mooney The Innsmouth Heritage--Brian Stableford The Homecoming--Nicholas Royle Deepnet--David Langford To See the Sea--Michael Marshall Smith Dagon's Bell--Brian Lumley Only the End of the World Again--Neil Gaiman