The New Lovecraft Circle

The New Lovecraft Circle
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The editor of Tales of the Lovecraft Mythos is back for a new sampling of Lovecraftian horrors. This collection focuses on the second generation of Lovecraft﷓influenced authors. Ramsey Campbell, who also contibutes two stories to the anthology, provides the preface. Editor Robert M. Price provides a twenty﷓page bibliographic and critical introduction. The cover art and interior illustration are by Gahan Wilson. Contents: Preface--Ramsey Campbell Introduction--Robert M. Price The Plain of Sound--Ramsey Campbell The Stone on the Island--Ramsey Campbell The Statement of One John Gibson--Brian Lumley Demoniacal--David Sutton The Kiss of Bugg﷓Shash--Brian Lumley The Slitherer from the Slime--H. P. Lowcraft The Doom of Yakthoob--Lin Carter The Fishers from Outside--Lin Carter The Keeper of the Flame--Gary Myers Dead Giveaway--J. Vernon Shea Those Who Wait--James Wade The Keeper of Dark Point--John Glasby The Black Mirror--John Glasby I've Come to Talk with You Again--Karl Edward Wagner The Howler in the Dark--Richard L. Tierney The Horror on the Beach--Alan Dean Foster The Whisperers--Richard A. Lupoff Lights! Camera! Shub﷓Niggurath!--Richard A. Lupoff Saucers from Yaddith--Robert M. Price Vastarien--Thomas Ligotti The Madness out of Space--Peter H. Cannon Aliah Warden--Roger Johnson The Last Supper--Donald R. Burleson The Church at Garlock's Bend--David Kaufman The Spheres Beyond Sound (Threnody)--Mark Rainey