The Black Death

The Black Death
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"The author is able to raise chills that others merely hope to achieve. This is a splendid gothic novel, a superb creation, which will stay with the reader long after other novels are forgotten." -- Jesse F. Knight, Gothic Journal The Black Death is a gothic thriller in the tradition of Copper's Necropolis and The House of the Wolf. Architect John Carter leaves London to become a junior partner in a prosperous building firm in Thornton Bassett, a rustic village in the heart of Dartmoor. His hopes for a new life begin to cloud as he slowly becomes aware of a sinister mystery lurking beneath the village's placid fa ade. A beautifully atmospheric novel written by a master of the macabre, this novel should appeal to fans of gothics, Sherlockians, and anyone who remembers fondly the more genteel horrors of Bram Stoker and Arthur Conan Doyle. Jacket and interior illustrations by Stefanie K. Hawks.