Book of the Dead - Friends of Yesteryear: Fictioneers & Others

Book of the Dead - Friends of Yesteryear: Fictioneers & Others
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During a writing career lasting nearly seven decades, E. Hoffman Price formed lasting friendships with many of the great and near-great fictioneers, editors and artists of his day - H.P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, Clark Ashton Smith, Otis Adelbert Kilne, Farnsworth Wright, W. K. Mashburn, Ralph Milne Farley, Seabury Quinn, Hugh Rankin, Robert Spencer Carr, Barsoom Badigian, Harry Olmstead, Albert Richard Wetjen, Norbert W. Davis, Milo Ray Phelps, William S. Bruner, Henry Kuttner, Jack Williamson, August Derleth, and Edmond Hamilton. Through long correspondence and many cross country trips, E. Hoffman Price kept diaries of his visits, which from time to time he transformed into essays recalling the grand old days of the fictioneer's precarious way of life. Several essays were previously published in fanzines and as Arkham House book introductions. In 1977, Price rewrote these and added additional essays to fill a book. This is one of the most fascintating and historically important books about the pulp fiction era. Includes additional essasy by and about E. Hoffman Price, and an E. Hoffman Price bibliography by Virgil Utter. 16 pages of rare photos. 464 pages. Special Introduction by Jack Williamson. Regularly $34.95