Synthesis and Other Virtual Realities

Synthesis and Other Virtual Realities
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A major new of the strongest debuts in recent science-fiction history, wrote Lucuis Shepard not long ago about emergent superstar Mary Rosenblum. And just as Shepard himself was the most powerful new short-story writer of the previous decade, so has Ms. Rosenblum come forth as a compelling voice in the 1990s in a sequence of nouvelles, set primarily within the near-future West Coast, exploring the persistence of humanity amid a nightmarish landscape of desiccated ecologies, disintegrating societies, and bewildering techniques: Water Bringer, Entrada, The Centaur Garden, Second Chance, Synthesis, Flood Tide, The Rain Stone, and Stairway. Full-color, wraparound jacket by Bob Eggleton. Regularly $25.95