Gravity's Angels

Gravity's Angels
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Throughout the decade of the eighties, some of the most acclaimed science fiction and fantasy stories were written by Michael Swanwick. Known primarily for his Nebula Award-winning novel Stations of the Tide, Swanwick is equally adept at shorter lengths, in a collection that ranges from technological SF with a humanist slant to quirky contemporary fantasies: A Midwinter s Tale, The Feast of Saint Janis, The Blind Minotaur, The Transmigration of Philip K., Covenant of Souls, The Dragon Line, Mummer Kiss, Trojan Horse, Snow Angels, The Men Who Met Picasso, Foresight, Ginungagap, and The Edge of the World. With black-and-white interiors by Janet Aulisio. One of the most impressive SF writers of the eighties...Swanwick s work illustrates the power and potential of contemporary science fiction. --Publishers Weekly Regularly $24.95