The Wind From a Burning Woman

The Wind From a Burning Woman
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Within a distant nebula known as the Medusa, a bitter interstellar conflict rages between emergent spacefaring humans and the aging protoplasmic Senexi. In the midst of this struggle are born two humans, Prufrax and Clevo. They meet, they fall in love, and between sequences of savage combat with Senexi, the explore the sanguinary history of their civilization. In addition to this Nebula Award-winning nouvelle Hardfought, Greg Bear s collection contains the following tales of science fiction and fantasy: The Wind from a Burning Woman, The White Horse Child, Petra, Scattershot, and Mandala. Interior illustrations by Dennis Neal Smith and wraparound jacket by Vincent Di Fate. Fractured, brooding scenarios with barely human protagonists: superior orthodox SF plus some of the most effective surrealism since J.G. Ballard, in a powerful, original, and startling package. --Kirkus Reviews. Second printing.