Prince Zaleski and Cummings King Monk

Prince Zaleski and Cummings King Monk
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The bizarre imagination and stylistic sorcery of Matthew Phipps Shiel have created several sleuths unique in the annals of criminal detection. The author s first published book introduced the mysterious Russian, Prince Zaleski, while his legendary Pale Ape collection presented a second extraordinary figure, Cummings King Monk. The complete exploits of both detectives are collected here for the first time between two covers-- The Race of Orven, The Stone of the Edmundsbury Monks, The S.S., The Return of Prince Zaleski, He Meddles with Women, He Defines Greatness of Mind, and He Wakes an Echo. A Mycroft & Moran book; jacket by Joe Wehrle, Jr. Among the most bizarre and mind-bending tales I ve ever read; Shiel could write like a satanic scripturalist on an amphetamine jag, and some of the stories in this book will leave you positively reeling. --Richard A. Lupoff in Algol